Imperfect Land


For centuries, the Perfect Land Sect has preached a dangerous message. The Emerald Empire is in decline, corruption has poisoned the Celestial Order, and the Great Clans and samurai have failed in their duty to lead and protect Rokugan. Now, as a gathering of samurai, monks, and scholars meet to determine whether the sect's members are heretics or visionaries, events are stirring that could shake the Empire to its very core.

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Format Digital
Finishing Color
Pages 32

Decide the fate of every soul in Rokugan!

Venture into the mist-shrouded mountaintops of the Dragon Clan with Imperfect Land. This adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings gives your players a chance to help determine the fate of beliefs that have endured for centuries. Will they protect tradition and save the Empire from radical upheaval? Or will they put their faith in an idea that promises salvation for everyone in Rokugan, both in this life and the next?

Imperfect Land includes:

  • 32-page book with a complete adventure for the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game.
  • Valuable information about the Brotherhood of Shinsei and the Perfect Land Sect.
  • A chance to change the fate of the Emerald Empire forever.

To enjoy the book and play its adventure, you need to possess the sourcebook Writ of the Wilds and the Core Rulebook from The Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying.

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