Midnight – Crown of Shadow


You are a rarity among the peoples of Eredane, a free warrior who has taken a stand against the forces of the evil god Izrador. So when the Dwarves of the Kaladrun Mountains send out a call for adventurers willing to take up a vital mission, you pledge your blade to their cause. Little did you realize that this would merely be the first step in a series of lethal events that sees you bearing the fate of all those who stand against the Shadow on your shoulders. Outnumbered and outclassed, only your determination can see you to victory.

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Format Hardcover
Finishing Color
Pages 112

Will you be the light to drive back the darkness?

Crown of Shadow is a full-length campaign for 2nd or 3rd level characters, and can see them advancing as high as 8th level by the end of the adventure. Within these pages are a host of encounters and adversaries from across the world of Midnight, with lavish, full-color maps and detailed character illustrations and descriptions. In addition, Crown of Shadow contains a host of new character options, including four new backgrounds, new magic items, and rules for mithril weapons and the famed covenant items of Midnight. All this material makes it invaluable for players and game masters alike!

Requires the use of the 5th edition SRD or equivalent source of 5th edition rules, and a copy of Midnight: Legacy of Darkness.