Far Horizons


Filled with new specializations, signature talents, weapons, vehicles, gear, and other equipment, Far Horizons introduces a wealth of new options designed to help you better outfit your Colonist – or any character – for life on the galaxy’s wildest, deadliest, and most exciting planets. Whether you’re looking to ply your skills in the service of a wealthy gangster or you’re looking to tame a planet full of untapped natural resources, Far Horizons provides you with the tools you’ll need to you build and play your character the way you want.

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Format Hardcover
Finishing Color
Pages 96

This sourcebook features plenty of new content for the Colonist career!

Far Horizons is a sourcebook for Colonists making their mark at the fringe of the galaxy in Star Wars™: Edge of the Empire. With new talents, spaceships, and gear, Colonists will be able to thrive in even the harshest circumstances that come their way. Three new specializations, the Entrepreneur, the Performer, and the Marshal, offer new ways for Colonists to expand their options (and make some cold, hard credits), while GM’s and other players will find new gear and setting information to bring the Edge of the Empire to life.

A Word From the Developer

Colonists really are the unsung heroes of Star Wars. When other fringers get their hands cut off, Colonists patch them up. When confronted with strange and terrifying mysteries, it’s Colonists who cooly assess the situation, solve the problem, and identify the sleazy Hutt behind it all. And when the rest of the heroes get locked up by Imperial stormtroopers, Colonists whip crowds into a raging frenzy to burn down the garrison and free them. Now, Colonists are get the respect they deserve in Far Horizons. This sourcebook features plenty of new content for the Colonist career. However, it should prove valuable for every character, with plenty of new material and information on making social encounters even more interesting, building your own homestead, and turning your character’s marketable skills into cold, hard cash during periods of downtime. New specializations, species, talents, spaceships, and gear will prove useful to anyone playing Edge of the Empire.

Colonists for Hire

One of the interesting things about Colonist characters is that they have access to the most varied career in Edge of the Empire. Even though they may both be Colonists, a Doctor and a Politico are very different characters. What they share is that each one is a job someone could have in their day to day lives. Colonists are people who lived normal lives and had regular work before something happened that sent them fleeing to the galactic fringe. The three new specializations in Far Horizons continue that trend. Players gain access to the Entrepreneur, the Performer, and the Marshal. The Entrepreneur is an interesting specialization, with a focus on making money and spending it in unorthodox ways. Entrepreneurs are characters with plenty of deals going on behind the scenes. They are generally involved in more business ventures than a gunslinger has blasters. They get a steady and significant revenue stream, and then have ways to spend that money to make their lives a lot easier. This might include knowing who to bribe to get some crucial information, or just spending a few credits to take their mind off their current troubles. And of course, few characters are going to be more useful than the Entrepreneur when sitting down at the negotiating table. The Performer on the other hand, is a specialization designed to encompass all types of entertainers; musicians, actors, acrobats, and even comedians. As is to be expected, they have quite a few talents that mesh with their abilities to charm and deceive. A lot of the Performer’s abilities are all about making him or her the center of attention, whether the audience wants to pay attention or not. They also have a few really flavorful talents. For example, once in a while, NPCs may turn out to be the Performers biggest fan, whether or not the GM expected it. And a portion of the specialization is dedicated to the Performer’s not inconsiderable athletic ability. Quite a few crime lords have ignored or mistreated their entertainers, only to end up with a knife in their back or slave’s chain around their throat. Finally, we have the Marshal. The Marshal is every inch the embodiment of law on the Outer Rim. He can be good with a blaster, since sometimes justice has to come at the barrel of a gun. However, Marshals are also tough, diligent, and relentless. A Marshal can get up and keep going after a lesser individual would drop to the ground exhausted. In addition, a competent Marshal can be almost impossible to deceive. They’re great at ferreting out the truth from unwilling suspects, and can play good cop or bad cop as circumstances require. These specializations add even more variety to an already varied career. However, Colonists aren’t the only characters who may want to use them. An Assassin could make use of the Performer specialization to reinforce his coordinated melee combat style and ability to trick his way closer to targets. A Trader might decide that the Entrepreneur is a great advancement to represent his business taking off and making some real money. Finally, a Mercenary Soldier might decide to quit being a soldier of fortune and put his leadership abilities and gun hand to use keeping the peace on a world on the fringes of Wild Space. In the end, your only limit to what characters you can make with these specializations is your imagination.