Hear the call, Find the tomb, Achieve greatness, or die in the pursuit of your desires  

2023 / 08 / 28

Enter the world of the Legend of the Five Rings, where sharpened steel meets cutting wit and mysticism intertwines with the mundane in the feudal land of the Emerald Empire. Deep within the annals of Rokugan’s history is a place that has become a foreboding legend: the Tomb of Iuchiban. The tomb is the rumored final resting place of the malevolent blood sorcerer and master of names, Iuchiban, a once-mortal man who has threatened the very foundation of the Empire more than once. For centuries, his tomb has lured both the noble-hearted and treacherous with promises of forbidden knowledge and dangerous artifacts.

Whether brave or fool-hardy, those that find their way through the veil and enter the tomb are sure to face great adversity. The shifting labyrinth is said to be the home–and perhaps the prison–of blasphemous creatures contorted by blood-bathed rituals, enraged spirits, lost souls, and gluttonous demons eager for their next victim. Beyond the threats of steel or tooth and claw, challenges and trials made to bend and break the very perception of morality give no reprieve from the horrors within. What is hidden in the rotten heart at the center is uncertain— some say therein beats Iuchiban’s cruel heart, or wicked artifacts and unspeakable records of blood magic, or even the key to Rokugan’s very salvation. What scholars can agree on is that the tomb is the prison of all those who have entered its darkened halls before, because none who step within are ever recorded to leave.

With the promise of forgotten power, one question remains: will you succumb to the allure of dark magic? Or will you rise above it to forge a path toward redemption and enlightenment?

Whether you’re an avid follower of the Legend of the Five Rings or a newcomer to this captivating world, the Tomb of Iuchiban beckons all to follow the trail of adventure, intrigue, and the opportunity to delve into the depths of a supernatural legacy. Will you pay the price to challenge your destiny? Or will you become just another cog in the tomb’s endless cycle of torment?

Tomb of Iuchiban is a campaign for the Adventures in Rokugan game line set in the iconic Legend of the Five Rings setting and uses the 5th edition open-source SRD ruleset. The book includes:

· A new powerful Bloodspeaker character class with two archetypes

· A new archetype for the Acolyte class called the Keeper of Names

· An adventure for 8th level characters set in the Scorpion-controlled City of Lies

· Over a dozen unique dungeon rooms, new enemies, and devious puzzles


For centuries, the powerful and seemingly eternal sorcerer of blood and names, Iuchiban, has manipulated the hearts and minds of countless mortals, twisting and corrupting them to better suit his grand machinations. For those who have heard of him, he is little more than a myth to scare away those who might try to dabble in forbidden arts. His plots are thought to span generations, his whispers reaching even the strongest samurai’s deepest vulnerabilities. 

His threat to Rokugan is insidious as an unknown number of disjointed sects of malefic practioners of blood magic, known as Bloodspeakers, sow discord throughout the Empire in their pursuit of power, cosmic enlightenment, or to gain the favor of their shadowed master. Whether fighting for the future of all that you know or seeking the eternal power of Grandfather, the first step you must take to carve your destiny is answering the whisper that haunts your dreams…

The path to the tomb opens on the 22nd of September; be sure to pick up a copy of Tomb of Iuchiban from your local retailer or online. Follow us on our social networks for additional information and updates.