The Legacy of Darkness

2022 / 01 / 26

A century ago, the realm was a place of tenuous peace and relative prosperity. It started slowly, with forces of wickedness appearing in villages and lands to the north, but it was not long before the Shadow began snaking its long tendrils of discord and destruction across the world. Agents of the Shadow systematically crushed the free cities of humans, drove the elves deep into the deep wood, and besieged the dwarves in their mountain fortresses. Now the corrupt lieutenants of the unforgiving god rule the shattered kingdoms with steel and cruelty. They relentlessly hunt any who would still dare stand against the evil that is determined to devour the world.

Under the sign of the 5th

The world of Midnight offers you the chance to play the brave, or perhaps fool-hardy, heroes who struggle against the seemingly endless forces of the Shadow. The chances seem bleak, and many of the realm are losing hope. It’s up to you whether you will take up arms in the pursuit of hope, revenge, or glory.

This role-playing game uses the 5th edition game system (the Open Games License SRD). Heroes come from all corners of the world, whether they be Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans or Orcs. All that can pick up a blade, conjure a spell, or have two good hands are welcome to the unending fight. Follow a Heroic Path to become a legend, and let your story be told for generations.

The core rulebook contains 13 new cultural variants unique to this universe, a Heroic Path system, new unique feats and spells, a detailed guide to the Midnight universe, and plenty of adversary profiles ready to use in your fight against the Shadow.

A Modern Vision

Midnight has been enjoyed for 20 years; the setting originally created by Fantasy Flight Games. Edge Studio is excited to present this updated and enriched 3rd edition called Midnight: The Legacy of Darkness. This gritty fantasy setting has been fitted into the d20 system so you and your allies can face the surging forces of the Shadow and attempt to defeat the wicked god Izrador using this modern ruleset.

The world of Midnight is unforgiving, and the themes presented are heavy, from the atrocities of war, occupation by a hostile presence, abuse of power, murder, torture, and slavery. These themes are not glorified but vilified. Players take on the role of those who oppose this systematic carnage.

While we prepare to release the game, we will publish a series of articles to give you more of a taste of the world of Midnight: The Legacy of Darkness.