A New Hope

2022 / 06 / 09

We’re excited to announce additional reprints for our Star WarsTM product lines. As you all know, we have been working hard to continue our reprinting process to get all the out-of-print Star Wars Roleplaying books back in stores.

So here’s a list of the books we’ve entrusted in the capable hands of our printer, and hope to be shipping out to our fans soon!:

Edge of the Empire:
Core Rulebook
Lords of Nal Hutta
No Disintegrations
Special Modifications

Force & Destiny:
Core Rulebook
Chronicles of the Gatekeeper
Nexus of Power
Ghosts of Dathomir
Savage Spirits
Knights of Fate

Common universe:
Dawn of Rebellion
Rise of the Separatists
Collapse of the Republic
Starships and Speeders

And just a reminder, these books have been reprinted with no appreciable differences from the last versions released by Fantasy Flight Games. So if you want to complete your collection or are worried about compatibility, these products continue to be completely compatible with everything FFG released.  

Edge Studio