Embers of the Imperium releases this Week!

2023 / 04 / 24

Looking at all the options for creating characters in Embers of the Imperium.

Hello, fans of Genesys and Twilight Imperium! At long last, we’re excited to announce that Embers of the Imperium, the Twilight Imperium sourcebook for Genesys, is coming out in North America this week!  However, in case you want to know what the book contains before making the purchase, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of everything you can find in this amazing book.  


If you’re new to the Twilight Imperium setting or are new to roleplaying games, this section is here to help! It explains how to use this book and what else you need to play the game. It also gives a solid overview of the setting so you can dive into the rest of the book with confidence.  

Character Creation 

The first chapter is all about character options. It walks you through the character creation process, starting with choosing one of 15 unique species and 9 unique careers before moving on to new skills and talents. It also explains the new mechanics for allegiances and agendas, before wrapping up by describing the 19 most powerful factions on the Galactic Council. 

Equipment and Vehicles 

What would a sci-fi space opera be without laser pistols and starships?* Chapters 2 and 3 cover all of the weapons, armor, and other gear your intrepid adventurers could ever need. The book also has plenty of ships and vehicles, from the largest dreadnoughts to nimble starfighters. It even has some truly unique vehicles like the Naaz-Rokha Eidolon! 

The Universe of Twilight Imperium 

Chapters 4 and 5 leave player options behind and delve deep into the rich setting of Twilight Imperium. Chapter 4 explores the galaxy in which the game takes place, with a particular focus on the homeworlds of major factions and other key worlds in intergalactic politics. Then Chapter 5 delves into the Keleres (the organization your characters work for), as well as some of the more mysterious galactic powers such as the Creuss, Empyrean, and Arborec. Finally, it devotes space to explain the Great Threats that the Keleres were founded to fight against: the Mahact Gene-Sorcerers, Nekro Virus, L1Z1X Mindnet, and the Vuil’raith Cabal.  

Galactic Inhabitants 

While the previous chapters describe the galaxy, Chapter 6 describes the people (and creatures) who inhabit it. This chapter is full of adversaries and allies that a GM can use to populate their games, from the lethal killing machines of the Nekro Virus to soldiers of the various Galactic Powers to creatures like Daartar Hounds and Pituis**.  

For GMs’ Eyes Only 

Finally, Chapter 7 is all about helping GMs run games in this setting. It includes plenty of advice about space opera games in general and the Twilight Imperium setting in particular, including useful tidbits like how much a team of Keleres should be paid for their work and what resources they can requisition before a new mission. The chapter also contains a robust adventure builder to help assemble compelling campaigns, and some useful modular encounters for GMs who need something for their players to do right away.  

With everything in this book, Embers of the Imperium is primed to keep your group adventuring for months to come! Be sure to get your copy as soon as it is out, and keep your eyes on our website for more news about future Genesys products set in the Twilight Imperium universe!  

*Boring, that’s what!  

**Imagine intergalactic vermin that spread like rats, can poison with a touch, and look like somebody sneezed.