Land of Shadow and Darkness

2022 / 06 / 09

The land of Eredane contains diverse peoples and climates all connected by an encroaching darkness. From the peaks of the Kaladrun mountains to the crashing waves of the Sea of Pelluria, the Shadow’s forces corrupt this once great land. But through the weeds of darkness, hope can still rear its head. The peoples of Eredane endure despite the state of the world. Some serve the shadow, some fight against it, but they all endure in the face of a never-ending nightmare.

Join us today as we preview the player section of Midnight: Legacy of Darkness, a new edition of the classic roleplaying game from Edge Studio!

This 372-page book gives you everything you need to adapt the classic D20 system rules to the world of Midnight; including unique mechanical options for character creation, a robust history of the setting, and general DM advice giving them all the tools and background information needed to bring the world to life for their players.

<< Midnight: Legacy of Darkness is designed as supplemental material to the D20 system core rules. Some rules are expanded upon in this product, but it requires a copy of the core rules to play.>>

Explore the World

The Midnight campaign setting focuses on Eredane, one of the largest continents of Aryth. The continent of Eredane is a vast land with a geography as varied as its people. The continent is a single huge landmass flanked by several large islands to the south. The Kasmael Sea washes against the southern and western shores, and to the east the vast emptiness of the Pale Ocean lies between Eredane and the lands of the Old Empire. The continent is almost three thousand miles across at its widest and half again as long from the southern coast to the unexplored northern reaches.

Every inch of the land has been touched by the Shadow to the North in one way or another. Today, the great elven forest is besieged by the abhorrent armies of the Night Kings. Legions of orcs and goblinkin encircle Erethor, driving ever deeper into the heart of the ancestral wood. Only the ancient magic of the Witch Queen and the enchanted forest itself hold the forces of the Shadow at bay.

In the Kaladrun Mountains, the dwarves who oppose Izrador have abandoned many of their mountain cities, retreating to the deep subterranean holdfasts built by their ancestors in the First Age.

In the heartland, the once-great kingdom of Erenland is a shattered ruin. The proud cities have been occupied by the forces of the Night Kings, and patrols from the Shadow’s armies and mercenary slavers roam the countryside, killing, looting, and crushing any resistance.

All but a few nomadic halfling tribes have been destroyed or enslaved by the minions of the Shadow. Some refugees have found temporary sanctuary with their elven kin in Erethor, but most surviving halflings live lives of toil, misery, and despair.

The gnomes continue to sail the Goil and the Eren River, but now they are usually transporting troops and supplies for the Shadow’s war effort.

Each of the races of Eredane has been touched by The Shadow, and it’s all detailed in Midnight: Legacy of Darkness. Every Region of Eredane is broken down by history, settlements, people, Religon, trade, traditions, and more. In exploring this chapter, you may even discover valuable allies in the fight against The Shadow.

Map of Eredane

On the Sea of Pelluria patrol The Pirate Princes, heirs of the Norfall royal family: two brothers, one sibling, one sister, three cousins, and an uncle. This fleet of pirates is led by Prince Jaden, the eldest of the siblings, and the orcs consider her the scourge of the Pelluria. The orc fear of drowning is so acute that even the mention of these sea raiders makes them nervous. The Pirate Princes spend most of their efforts hunting and sinking troop carriers and taking supply ships as prizes. For each ship they lose, they take three, and slowly their tiny fleet has become a sizable flotilla. Still, they are outnumbered, and they are forced to depend on surprise and their hidden harbors in the Corbron Isles to avoid the orc oar galleys sent after them.

Meanwhile, on the Eren River Many years ago, a pair of gnomes now known only as the Otter and the Star gathered a dedicated following amongst the families, teaching them the ways of the defender and perfecting their skills in the fine art of smuggling. The members of this group now work as bodyguards and agents for most of the major trading families. Their ultimate purpose is unknown, but they are now in a unique position to gather information and act widely when their plans come to fruition. These rogue’s and more await you during your adventures in Eredane, and your fight against The Shadow.

The World of Darkness

To be an Avenger, one The world of Midnight is not a kind place. The Shadow’s agents permeate every region, and would-be champions are cut down before their story even begins.

Must be dedicated to stymying the Shadow at every turn, and through any available means. Many avengers are more spies than assassins, gathering information about their oppressors and dispatching it to the remaining bands who fight against the Shadow.

Can you survive the quagmire of evil and emerge as a beacon of light? Find out when Midnight: Legacy of Darkness launches on May 27th.