Midnight free Character Sheets

2022 / 06 / 09

Midnight is drawing ever closer, and the Shadow is looming over us all! To prepare for the coming darkness, download our new Midnight-themed fillable character sheet , and get ready to build your own champion to fight for goodness in a world plagued by evil. Veterans of 5e games will immediately notice the similarities between this character sheet and other 5e sheets. Beyond the fact that Midnight: Legacy of Darkness uses the same core rules that other 5e games use, we’ve designed Midnight so that it works both with the SRD (System Reference Document), and with other products that expand those rules with additional character options.

Although Midnight: Legacy of Darkness uses its own species (see our article “A Light in the Darkness”), it has been tested and designed to work with most of the standard 5e classes and their archetypes. The only exceptions are the Monk and Warlock classes (neither of which fit into the Midnight setting), and the Cleric class (which does exist, but since the only god that exists in the setting is an evil one, serving him isn’t an option for the PCs).

Heroic paths

The biggest difference in this sheet is the space for the character’s heroic path. In Legacy of Darkness, the heroic path is a series of linked feats. Every player gets the first feat in a heroic path of their choosing, but it’s up to them whether they take the rest. Heroic paths are chosen just like feats, but you have to take them in order. You can, if you want, also choose to take other feats or characteristic advances instead. However, the feats form heroic paths are particularly potent. So we created a space on the first page for them to be recorded.

The second major difference is the section for “favors owed and given” on the second page. This is an important part of Midnight because in this setting, favors are much more useful than gold or other treasure. Traditional valuables have become almost useless after a year of occupation by the Shadow, but someone owing your character a favor can be the difference between life and death.

Midnight: Legacy of Shadow will be released on May 27th. So get this brilliant Paco Dana’s fillable character sheet downloaded and prepare for your first games! You can also download the wonderful Eredane map created by the talented Francesca Baerald to immerse yourself in the Midnight universe…

Midnight Fillable Character Sheet
Eredane Map