Like a Veil of Darkness and Fear

2022 / 07 / 05

Darkness has spread over the world role-playing game with the release of the campaign setting Midnight: Legacy of Darkness. The screen, which will add even more darkness, will be released soon. It’s a beautifully illustrated, panorama-sized 3-panel screen with table essentials and a map of the continent on the GM side. It comes with a brand new introductory scenario.

The Source of the Revolt

The small village of Koln, nestled on the border of fairy territory, has survived a century of occupation because it was too insignificant to really attract the Shadow’s attention. Its inhabitants quietly pay their taxes to the armies of Izrador and do their best to survive in an increasingly hostile world.

But this precarious balance threatens to be shattered when a Shadow legate learns that Koln may be a staging point for an arms deal to the occupied territories. Your heroes are suddenly faced with a choice: risk their lives to help strangers, or see an entire village wiped out for the crimes of a few…

The Game Master Kit

It contains:

  • An adventure that will take characters from level 1 to level 3. Ideal for introducing new players to the world of Midnight, it will help you prepare them for greater exploits in the future.
  • A series of regional random encounter tables to create adventures for your group wherever their travels take them.
  • A three-panel game master screen. A beautiful and intimidating illustration by Alexey Kim will constantly remind your players of the dangers they face in the Shadow Realm. The other side of the screen features helpful charts that will help you describe life in the world of Midnight, as well as a reference map of the central continent of Eredane.

This is the essential companion to take you through the world of Midnight.