Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Edge Studio!

2021 / 12 / 23

Hello everyone, and we hope you have a fantastic holiday season this year! As a little Christmas gift from us to you, we wanted to share these fantastic maps from the upcoming Adventures in Rokugan!

These have been created by the amazingly talented Francesca Baerald, who has created all of the maps for the lands of the Great Clans in Legend of the Five Rings and done a lot more maps for that game besides! Four of the maps have already been released in various books, while the fifth is coming out in Writ of the Wilds and the last two will be released in the Unicorn and Scorpion clan sourcebooks. However, we’re also putting all seven into Adventures in Rokugan, and we couldn’t wait to share a couple of them with you!

So download the Unicorn and Scorpion land maps today. They are set to be printed at ledger-size for extra large resolution. And be sure to keep tuning in, because we may just share more extra high-res maps before Adventures in Rokugan releases next year.

So until next year, Edge Studio is wishing you happy holidays and good cheer!