Operation Silent Listener

2024 / 03 / 20

Hello Keleres! As we prepare for the exciting release of War for the Throne, this document happened to cross our desk. It seems to be highly classified, but we felt you needed to know about it! 

Secure Briefing – Code Level Ostrum

To: Tribunii Kuuasi Aun Jalatai Aul Akarun Aul Akaran, Tribunii Harka Leeds, Tribunii Odlynn Myrr

From: Senior Supervisor Thelasin Di Mathai

Subject: Response to Failed Infiltrations of Mahact Space

Tribunii, I regret to inform you that Cohort Calstoria has missed their last three check-ins. It has now been 42 standard days since their ship made its last report before entering the outer edges of the inner galactic core territories controlled by the Mahact, and 20 days since they were supposed to return. I believe we must assume all seven Keleres of Calstoria are either dead or genetically enslaved by the Gene-Sorcerers at this point. 

This is the second Cohort we have lost in attempts to scout the star systems near Ixth’s supposed current location. I believe that if we send in a third team, we will only be consigning more of our agents to death. Or worse. 

In light of these circumstances, I recommend we proceed with Operation Silent Listener. My contacts within the Xxcha Kingdom delegation have indicated that they would be willing to provide between four and eight Sccutum-class monitoring outposts rigged for deep space operations. More importantly, the Kingdom is willing to provide crew for the stations.

Tribunii Leeds, I am aware of your concerns regarding establishing an early-warning network so close to Mecatol Rex. This will give the Xxcha Kingdom access to a number of deep space outposts that can be used to observe the throneworld (which is why the Xxcha are so eager to help, I am sure). However, there are two mitigating factors we can rely on. 

First, since the Gul system will be closer to the outposts than Xxlak, we can insist on routing all reports through us before the Xxcha see them. We can even propose it as a matter of practicality. 

Second, the Kingdom is frankly the best of a set of terrible options. No offense, Tribunii Myrr. I do not fully trust the Kingdom to not make a play for Mecatol Rex. However, I trust your people far more than I trust the Federation of Sol or the Sardakk N’orr, for example. If worse comes to worst, the stations are unarmed. We can always send a Keleres cohort to deal with any problems that arise. 

After all, Silent Listener only needs to continue until Dr. Ruga’s project is complete.

— End Report —

Well, what do you think that is all about? Secret bases, the Mahact threat, and a mysterious Doctor, it’s all very strange stuff! But it sounds like the Keleres have everything well in hand. We’re sure nothing is going to go wrong with this plan!

Tune in next week for more information about the upcoming release, War for the Throne! 

War for the Throne will be released on April 12, 2024