The War for the Imperial Throne Begins!

2024 / 01 / 05

Long have the many governments of the galaxy desired to sit upon Mecatol Rex’s Imperial throne, restoring the lost glories of a dead empire with themselves at the head. But one such group has a far older claim to Imperial authority; so old, in fact, that it predates many of the so-called Great Civilizations’ very existence.

Now, they have returned.

Rising from their long slumber on their lost homeworld of Ixth, the malevolent Mahact Gene-Sorcerers cast their covetous gaze upon the myriad stars of the galaxy. They ruled those worlds once, before being cast down and exiled by the then-young and fiery Lazax. But now they find their ancient enemies slain, and the petty civilizations that rose in their wake squabbling over the scraps of their Empire like spoiled children. 

It should be easy to crush them all. Only one thing stands in the way of the Mahact: the Keleres of the Galactic Council. These underfunded and unsupported agents have been tasked with stopping the Mahact…and now you have joined their ranks. 

War for the Throne is a 128-page full-length adventure that pits your players against some of the most dangerous adversaries in the galaxy! Travel to strange locations, investigate mysterious occurrences, and go toe-to-toe with vicious monsters and evil overlords. This adventure features equal parts intrigue and swashbuckling action, with the chance for your characters to save the Imperial throne, Galactic Council, and maybe the entire galaxy from death and enslavement at the hands of a perfidious foe.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Embers of the Imperium this week for a fantastic new setting, or just to get some inspiration from your next Foundry project! You can find it at your local game store, or buy an electronic copy at! 

War for the Throne will be released on April 12th 2024.