The Gathering Storm

2024 / 04 / 03

Hello Keleres! In preparation for the upcoming release of War for the Throne, we’ve been continuing our search for any documents that seem like they might be related. This report was hard to pry from the hands of the Custodians, but it may be well worth it!

Secure Briefing – Code Level Ostrum

To: Custodian Guard Command

From: Office of Tribunii Harka Leeds

Subject: Disposition of Military Forces at and Around Mecatol Rex

As per the ongoing cooperation agreement between the Keleres and the Winnaran Custodian Guard, this is the regularly scheduled intelligence briefing of military force dispositions in and around the Gul system. 

In addition to the Custodian Guard’s regular military forces, you continue to provide security and reconnaissance services to the Galactic Council and Keleres in the form of two squadrons of 10 Accipiter Mark 40 interceptor starfighters. One squadron is currently performing anti-smuggling operations in Gul’s outer cometary halo. The other has been seconded to the Galactic Council Subcommittee on Extraordinary Studies for weapons research site security. 

Beyond Gul, a number of civilizations have notable naval assets within possible striking range of Mecatol Rex. Major formations are as follows. 

  • A Xxcha Kingdom capital ship squadron is conducting peacekeeping duties at Kostboth. Squadron consists of the dreadnoughts Indomitable, Unshakable, and Vigilant, along with four cruisers and seven destroyers as escorts. This is the largest military force currently near Mecatol Rex. 
  • The Sardakk N’orr exotrireme K’os Natok and two destroyer escorts have been spotted in Kelig. That puts the ship within 12.7 light years of Mecatol Rex. The Sardakk N’orr have refused to explain what it is doing there. 
  • The Federation of Sol has scattered a dozen single carrier task groups through systems within 100 light years of Mecatol Rex. The closest is the strike carrier Fury of Atlantia and three destroyers at Capha. The Federation insists they are carrying out “completely legitimate training exercises.” 
  • The Yin Brotherhood battleship Herald of True Belief entered orbit unescorted over Lemox three days ago. The Brotherhood are demanding local authorities turn over an apostate Brother who they claim has sought asylum on Lemox. They have given the locals seven more days to comply. 
  • The Clan of Saar repair leviathan Respite from Woe and four armed merchant cruisers have been spotted in deep space 72 light years antispinward from Meer. The Respite from Woe does not conform to standard ship classifications, but intelligence on the Saar suggests the ship could serve as a forward supply base for an invasion fleet. 
  • The Argent Flight have deployed five destroyers into the Tellomis Nebula 175 light years coreward of Mecatol Rex. Argent Flight representatives will only tell us they are “fulfilling their sacred vows and vengeful duty.” Operation Silent Listenerhas reported gravitic traces from at least two other capital ships entering the nebula since they arrived, but no identification could be made.
  • Hacan trade caravans report that between three and six Mentak Coalition cruisers are conducting piracy on the trade routes between the Coreward Gate and Mecatol Rex. The Mentak Coalition has assured us and the Emirates of Hacan that no Coalition forces are operating with 500 light years of Mecatol Rex. The Emirates have called the Coalition thieving liars and are demanding a vote of censure in the Council. 

As you can see, the number of ships that could threaten Mecatol Rex has grown by 55% in the past thirty days. Although we cannot know their intentions, it is entirely possible that at least one of these forces could raid, blockade, or even attack the throneworld at any point. Although we cannot tell you what to do, the Keleres recommends the Custodian Guard raise their alert level until the next force assessment. 

So, it appears that a whole bunch of galactic power players are starting to move ships closer and closer to Mecatol Rex. Hopefully none of them have anything…devious in mind! But if they do, you can find out when War for the Throne releases!